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TIME TO SAY GOODBYE...a note to my followers

  Dear Friends and Loyal Followers: The time has come for parting. In February, I reported suffering a debilitating setback from dental surgery which left me with partial facial paralysis, massive sinus pressure and a devastating, persistent vertigo. This condition has, alas, not abated in the intervening months. I’ve lost my job and, worst of all, my health. In accordance with changing times come changing habits – and this one, again regrettably, is one I feel I can no longer contribute to in a meaningful way.  Life doesn’t often give us what we ask for. Occasionally, it gives us what we deserve. Though how and why I deserve what I’ve been given is, frankly, still beyond my grasp of understanding. I want to say I’ve been handling the situation nobly, but that would be a lie. There’s been a lot of tears, some soul-searching, and a daily struggle just to get by without retching. As the news for future rehabilitation is also not promising, I have to face the reality that this i

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