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PICNIC: Blu-ray (Columbia, 1955) Eureka! re-issue

As an ardent admirer of movies in general, but more to the point, those to have left their indelible marks on our collective consciousness, I frequently go to the movies, hoping to find some director or star from today's vintage who will rekindle my love (dare I say, worship?) of that artistry. But the more I return to the archives from Hollywood's golden age, the more I am reminded - painfully so - of the fact, the generation that gave us such iconic films and performances is, alas, truly dead and gone. Joshua Logan's Picnic(1955) is a prime example of this forgotten ghost flower; a lush and stirring super production, so resplendent and nourishing, it could only have been made at the height of the 1950’s, itself a time of upheaval and change, both in and outside of America's film-making capital. Picnic is, I think, the perfect ‘summer’ movie – shot in the muggy heat of mid-August, Logan and his cinematographer, the legendary James Wong Howe, capturing the quintessence…

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