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UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS: ICONS OF HORROR COLLECTION - 4K UHD Blu-ray (Universal, 1931-41) Universal Home Video

In its heyday, Universal Studios was Hollywood’s homegrown Transylvania, catering to the public’s intense fascination for all things supernatural and terrifying. Why anyone should wish to experience visualizations of such tales of the macabre has been a perplexing psychological question. It goes without saying, most people would not wish to be terrorized by some ominous, unspeakably wicked, and unknown force of nature in their own lives. Yet, on film, this catharsis of fear effortlessly translates into the ‘good scare’…and, for good reason. Inside the relative safety of a darkened theater or, perhaps, pensively perched - warm and cozy - on the edge of our couch with a cup of cocoa nuzzled between our finger tips we can vicariously experience what, in life, would be a truly horrific exercise to scare our psyches forever.  The definition of a ‘monster’ derives from the word ‘demonstrative’ and loosely thereafter, from the word, ‘demonstrate’. So, monsters teach us something about ourselv

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