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TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (MGM, 1946) Warner Home Video

The pantheon of MGM’s most celebrated anthology musicals begins with director, Richard Whorf’s Till the Clouds Roll By (1946); a mighty colossus, anticipated in the winter of 1940 by producer, Arthur Freed to be an homage to the works of composer, Jerome Kern. For perhaps only the second or third time in Metro’s history, L.B. Mayer authorized his minions to throw open the gates of its vast storehouse, presenting virtually any and all stars and production facilities at Freed’s disposal. Indeed, the project ought never have materialized, as Freed had initially engaged Kern in talks to produce a movie version of ‘Very Warm for May’ – Kern’s latest Broadway smash. However, Freed was soon to discover the book’s plot was too contrived to be successfully translated to the screen. And thus, not wanting to offend Kern, Freed proposed his musical bio-pic on the composer instead. Till the Clouds Roll Bypredates the cycle of movies based on the lives of famous songwriters that would continue to s…

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