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MARTY: Blu-ray (Hecht-Lancaster, 1955) Kino Lorber

BEST PICTURE - 1955 A fat, ugly man and a dog – hardly the basis for a hit movie; except, of course, if the fat, ugly man is Ernest Borgnine and the movie is Delbert Mann’s sublime, Marty (1955); a sumptuous, character-driven tour de force for Borgnine and the perfectly cast, Betsy Blair as ‘the dog’ – Clara. I have a natural affinity for dogs; also, for the awkward guy who just can’t seem to find Miss Right…or in Marty Piletti’s case – even, Miss Right Now. Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay – expanded from his own 1953 teleplay – is a masterful concoction of old-world prejudices and new-fangled apprehensions; the younger generation, brought up on the congested lower east side and let loose to sink or swim on their own, while endlessly being put upon by their elders who, ostensibly, just want what is best for them. I saw Marty for the first time in 1983 on late night TV and recall the experience fondly – laid up with a merciless cold, a bright shiny nose and a box of half-used Kleenex. Even…

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