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A FEW GOOD MEN: 4K Blu-ray (Columbia, 1992) Sony Home Entertainment

Rob Reiner’s A Few Good Men (1992) remains one of the unicorns in movie history – a courtroom drama that, ostensibly has not dated with the passing years, and, in fact, has ripened with age. Basically, it is a powerhouse drama wrapped in the enigma of a murder mystery. Who ordered the ‘code red’ on a training base that cost a young military cadet his life? There is, to be sure, a lot more to unpack from Aaron Sorkin’s brilliantly scripted allegory about authority vs authoritarianism, the cover-up pursued by a wet-behind-the-ears attorney and his go-getting co-council, rattling to its core the top brass and a five-star colonel who has a lot more to hide than first meets the eye. A Few Good Men is an emotional roller coaster ride that properly emphasizes drama in lieu of the action. Apart from the initial midnight hazing of Private William T. Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo) – a despicably violent act – the rest of the movie builds upon the process by which ambitiousLieutenant Commander JoA…

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