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STAGECOACH: Blu-ray (2oth Century-Fox, 1966) Twilight Time

John Ford’s exhilarating reboot of the Hollywood western, Stagecoach(1939) featured a career-defining role by John Wayne as the Ringo Kid who, in the intervening decades, would become something of Ford’s good luck charm.  Gordon Douglas’ glossy Cinemascope remake of 1966 adds visual girth and color by DeLuxe to the milieu, but minimizes this character’s importance by casting the relatively unknown and nondescript (and, regrettably, to remain so) Alex Cord in the crucial role. Cord, who has worked steadily in pictures and on television, has nevertheless remained something of a forgotten man in the pantheon of greats. It’s a shame too, because the lanky, blue-eyed and butch Cord in this Stagecoach offers up some good solid acting and is afforded some of the best scenes in Joseph Landon’s reworking of Dudly Nichols original screenplay (all of it very loosely based on19th-century French writer, Guy de Maupassant’s Boule de Suif).  Cord has an amiable gal to play off; henna-haired firebran…

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