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ANNIE HALL: Blu-ray (UA, 1977) MGM/Fox Home Video

BEST PICTURE - 1977 Not since 1938's You Can't Take It With You had a comedy won the coveted Best Picture Oscar until Annie Hall. Since then, no comedy has even dared try – and, for good reason. Along with Manhattan (1979), Annie Hall (1977) is probably Woody Allen's greatest artistic achievement - a darling existentialist romp through the rather severe neuroses of a pair of pixelated misfits. Co-written by Marshall Brickman and Allen, the film takes romantic banality to a whole new and sublimely hilarious level. The film's uncanny biographical similarities with Allen's real life have caused some critics to suggest that Annie Hallis really about Allen's relationship with co-star Diane Keaton - a fact Allen denied then, and, continues to deny to this day. In retrospect, Annie Hall marks a significant departure for Allen from his previous movies. The plot is played mostly serious, if with brilliant, often scathing and supremely sardonic wit that only Woody Allen c…

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