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THE STOOGE: MOD Blu-ray (Paramount, 1951/53) Paramount Home Video

In 1945, Dean Martin met Jerry Lewis for the first time. It ought to have been a match made in heaven or, at the very least, a meeting of the minds; Martin, the suave straight man who could effortlessly sell a song, and Lewis, the comic genius, able to find the insanity in practically any situation. Two things prevented this from being a fortuitous summit – ego vs. ego plus. Interesting, actually, to consider the trial by fire all great comic duos pass through. Lou Costello, as example, once suggested ‘straight men’ were a dime a dozen, while comedians hailed from rare birds of paradise in need of their wooden counterparts, merely to display their more flamboyant plumage. But Martin & Lewis really came into their own at the tail end of that golden age in comedy ‘dream teams’ – Paramount’s then ‘contemporary’ answer and replacement for Bob Hope and Bing Crosby who, whether teamed or apart, had made the studio a lot of money throughout the 1940’s. And certainly, Martin and Lewis each

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