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MEET JOHN DOE (Warner Bros., 1941) VCI/Laureate Home Video

“Everybody’s so interested in his work. It’s a pleasure to be there each day. And, of course, Capra is in a class by himself. There’s no one really quite like him. And when people ask ‘What’s so different about him?’ you just answer, ‘He’s Capra – that’s all!’ You make other pictures to live, but you live to make a Capra picture!”  - Barbara Stanwyck Frank Capra’s miraculous and sobering, moodily magnificent opus magnum to American exceptionalism and its fragility in the face of more sternly contrived and divisive politicization, Meet John Doe (1941) remains a riveting indictment of politics' handling and manipulation of ‘class warfare.’ In light of the most recent, insidious, mindless and violent reaction to American history, put forth by certain Marxist factions, shielding themselves under a deceptively compassionate banner, supposedly devoted to putting an end to ‘systemic racism’ in America, but actually, slavishly fanatical to do nothing more of better than topple of a system …

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