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HOOK: 4K Blu-ray (TriStar/Amblin, 1991) Sony Home Entertainment

What if Peter Pan grew up? What, indeed. The premise for Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991) has always left me a little bit perplexed. Or perhaps, merely the title, that suggests the focus of the plot will be on the crocodile-fearing antagonist, Captain Hook (superbly re-envisioned by Dustin Hoffman). But no, this is actually the ‘front story’ of what actually happened to Peter Pan (Robin Williams) after he shed his tattered greens, grew hair on his schmeckle, and, took on the fa├žade of a stodgy businessman. First problem: Robin Williams is not a Brit, though he is surrounded by a lot of them including the marvelous Maggie Smith as an aged Wendy, which only makes the obviousness of his American heritage all the more glaring and curious. Aside: if I recall correctly, Wendy – in the James M. Barrie children’s classic, and in virtually every stage and film version to have followed it, is only a year or two older than Pan. So, how is it she is a withered old prune in this movie. And oh, does …

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