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POINT BREAK: Blu-Ray (20th Century-Fox 1991) Fox Home Video

CAST AWAY - Blu-Ray (20th Century-Fox 2000) Fox Home Video

THE THREE STOOGES: Vol. 6 (Columbia 1949 - 51) Sony Home Entertainment

THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK - Blu-Ray (2oth Century-Fox 1959) Fox Home Video

CHOCOLAT - Blu-Ray (Miramax 2000) Alliance Home Video

ROMANCING THE STONE - Blu-Ray (2oth Century-Fox 1984) Fox Home Video

COMING TO AMERICA - Blu-Ray (Paramount 1988) Paramount Home Video

AIR FORCE ONE: 4K UHD Blu-Ray (Columbia, 1997) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

ROXANNE - Blu-Ray (Columbia 1987) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment