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THE PRESTIGE: Blu-Ray (Touchstone 2006) Buena Vista Home Entertainment

ELIZABETH: Blu-Ray (Polygram/USA Films 1998) Universal Home Video

ELIZABETH - THE GOLDEN AGE: Blu-Ray (USA/Working Title 2007) Universal Home Video

TOMBSTONE: Blu-Ray (Hollywood Pictures/Cinergi 1993) Buena Vista Home Video

STARSHIP TROOPERS: Blu-Ray (Columbia 1997) Sony Home Entertainment

THE LONGEST DAY: Blu-Ray (20th Century-Fox 1962) Fox Home Video

THE YOUNG VICTORIA: Blu-Ray (GK Films/Momentum Pictures 2009) Alliance Home Video

AMELIA: Blu-Ray (Fox Searchlight 2009) Fox Home Entertainment

FALCON CREST (Lorimar 1981-82) Warner Home Video

THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE (Walt Disney Pictures 1985) Disney Home Video

LETHAL WEAPON: Blu-Ray (WB 1987) Warner Home Video

TROY: Blu-Ray (WB 2004) Warner Home Video

THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY: Blu-Ray (Alliance Atlantis 2001-2004) Warner Home Video

THE TERMINATOR: Blu-Ray (Orion/Hemdale 1984) MGM Home Video