Friday, February 9, 2007

IT SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU (Columbia 1954) Sony Home Entertainment

George Cukor’s It Should Happen To You (1954) is a delightful, bubble-headed comedy about aspiring celebrity Gladys Glover (Judy Holliday), who has decided that all it really takes to be famous is a gigantic billboard advertising her name in New York’s Time Square.

The gimmick works – so well, in fact, that before long Gladys has to choose between the affections of a rich but shallow businessman, Evan Adams III (Peter Lawford), who's romance is predicated on getting Gladys to sell him her advertising space - or a genuine romance with her simple-life boyfriend, Pete Sheppard (Jack Lemmon).

Pete is the real deal – a photographer who admires Gladys for herself – not for the prefabricated pin-up she has rapidly become. But can an easy going man of limited means realistically compete for a woman’s affections when she’s being offered magazine spreads and nightly outings to Toots Shore?

As Gladys, Holliday is once again in rare form, delivering the kind of light-hearted, idiotic, yet tenderly comedic touch that easily made her the darling of such classics as Born Yesterday and The Solid Gold Cadillac. This film is great fun and absorbingly original from start to finish!

It should happen more often over at Columbia that they give DVD consumers such a nice looking print of their classic films. It Should Happen To You has a wonderfully smooth DVD transfer with deep blacks and a nicely balanced gray scale. There are rarely traces of film grain but NO digital artifacts to contend with. The audio is mono but nicely balanced. There are NO extras.

FILM RATING (out of 5 - 5 being the best)



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