Monday, March 6, 2017

ROBERT OSBORNE (May 3, 1932 - March 6, 2017

We pause herein for a moment’s respite to acknowledge the passing of Robert Osborne: TCM’s ensconced and titanic figure of impeccable grace, charm, good humor, and most of all, profoundly awe-inspiring knowledge in all things classic cinema. Robert Osborne is one of the last in a vanishing breed: a man who truly loved classic movies as fine art. Film lovers everywhere mourn his passing today: an inspired host, whose leadership, commitment and innate passion for the craftsmanship of these bygone eras will never be surpassed.
A lot of critics get diverted in their appreciation of movie art as their scope of reference broadens; their perceptions jaded through time and experience. But Bob remained the true believer to the end of his hours on this earth. His joy for the work and his ability to share it with others was infectious and liberating. He gave a distinct voice to nostalgia and exemplary character to the subtler art of interviewing legendary performers who, like Robert now, are no longer with us.
But Bob will never be forgotten as long as movie lovers and the movies themselves endure. And his memory is forever etched into the TCM vault and archive of cherished remembrances; truly, one for the ages. He was alive to us then, but perhaps even more so now, because his loss is magnified by the realization no one can ever step up to the challenge of following even modestly in his footsteps. We, who stand in the shadow of his contributions and, in the hopes of carrying on his great good works, now take our bows to pay homage with an outpouring of love and complete admiration reciprocated back at his family.
Thank you, Robert Osborne for being the gris eminence of Turner Classic Movies; a guiding hand for movie lovers everywhere, and the kindest of hearts that made the dreams we dared to dream, and continue to dream, really come true. God bless and God speed. 
I miss you terribly already.
Nick Zegarac